Turn Up the Bass

T-T-T-Turn up the bass!  That’s the call out hook from Silvio Ecomo and Chuckie’s banger from last-year “Moombah,” best known from the Afrojack remix.  If you’ve been going out in DC at all over the last few months, though, you may have heard some fresh remixes from Dave Nada that slow down these Dutch house tracks to a dancehall tempo, adding some dope elements here and there.  He has dubbed this style “Moombahton” and he talked about the story behind it at The Fader.  I’ve seriously heard these tracks at all these random places in DC- a few times when Nada has DJ’d, but also at Current, Marvin, and Little Miss Whiskeys!  Its a movement!  Here is a host of different remixes people have done in the Moombahton style- check them out!

Dave Nada – Moombahton EP, including remixes of Afrojack, Sidney Samson, and Seductive.

Dave Nada – Moombahton Megamix for Fool’s Gold

Soupers – Army Bitches

Neoteric – Hey Got Lines, Neoteric – Kattatbi Boombah, A-Mac – Long Train to Moombah, Steve Starks – Lydia (Dave Nada Moombahton Remix): All four available here

DJ Apt One and Josh Wink – Higher State of Moombahton

SonicC – Stickin’ (Opulent Sound Edit)

2 responses to “Turn Up the Bass

  1. Thank you for a post on the exploding Moombahton phenomenon. The tracks above are from Moombahton’s
    ‘First Wave,” and the ‘Second Wave’ is already upon us.
    Readers should check out these two tracks:
    MUNCHI (who has established Moombahton’s “Dutch Sound’)
    drops a late April track that legitimizes the genre completely due to its brilliance of conception and execution:
    “Toma Berimbau” Meanwhile, Slap & Dashes’ “Fried Toy Moombahton,” now getting an Extended Mix, is the current benchmark of the Melboune Sound, making Melbourne “The Moombahton Capital of the World” Vancouver has no specific sound but check out KEV FRESH’s “Zombies For Moombahton,” and ERNOLD SANES party mix. Meanwhile MELO and EPIDEMIC have detonated Moombahton in Phoenix. MORNINGSTAR has the first Moombahton underground hit Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” Get it at Soundcloud.
    SANO has established the New York Sound. Miami will drop theirs in a week or so, and expect Soca-flavored Moombahton to explode in Switzerland. Keep you eye on Philly, B’more (UNCLE JESSE’s ‘Moompatron’ masterpiece is “Whatchadoin.” Keep an eye on Sao Paulo and Tokyo.

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